Thursday, April 11, 2002

When i saw you for the first time
I thought nothing special
My mind was full of logic
And i was happy about it

As time passes by each moment
Happiness have turned into sorrow
For logic and emotion does not mix
Chaos started to fill in

My logic says that its inappropriate
But emotion contests that its natural
I was in deep thought
And i cannot decide

Now that i learned that i may not see you again
I had to make a choice and it is difficult
For i never had done this thing before
My emotion said:"Its Now or Never"

You have given me inspiration
I started to be happy the other way around
My logic is losing the battle
And i said:"This is a Crossroad of my Life"

I grew up in logic
Life outside is cruel and demanding
I always rely on what is right and good
But i am going to swallow it for this moment

I give you my warmest thanks and encouragement
For i was really sincere about you
But i cannot show it and you know the reason why
Friendship is of great value for me

I wish you the best
Do not forget the memories that we have shared
Because they will hunt you once in a while
Unless those memories fade

Now i bid you farewell
For you were once a part of my life
We now go on with our separate ways
As a new chapter of our lives begin...